Understand Reasons for Hair Loss In Women more

Reasons for Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss

Hair loss in women could be because of several reasons. Low thyroid hormone levels, hormonal imbalance during menopause, nutritional imbalance and certain skin disorders are the most common causes. The treatment depends on the cause and once diagnosed can be treated as well. A balanced diet and restful sleep will help to solve the problem to some extent. Hair fall in women is a serious problem. There are many reasons of this hair fall. The hair fall in women can be really embarrassing sometimes. It is important that the women note the reasons of this hair fall and try to avoid it. You may need to see a doctor in this regard. See a doctor and get your hair back from the damaging situation. This will be a great help if you can do that. You will help your self by making the hair fall speed slow.

Smoking is the single most important cause of the production of free radicals or toxins that can cause the disease and lead to hair fall. Smoking also depletes Vitamin C store from the body thus lowering the body immunity. Reasons for hair fall in women are also due to fungal infection or severe dandruff deficiency of protein in the diet, iron deficiency, stress, certain medications for example for typhoid, malaria etc.

Some medications like oral contraceptives, blood pressure medication, anti-depressants like Prozac and lithium, cholesterol controlling medicines, drugs like cocaine also cause hair loss.

Heredity has nothing to do with hair loss. Anemia endocrine problems, gynecological related problems like ovarian tumors, tissue connected diseases like lupus, emotional stress and crash diet causes hair fall.

Lack of minerals and vitamins and acids in hair treatments damages the hair follicles, to such an extent that the hair stops growing. Women tend to loose large amount of hair after child-birth. Major surgeries, chronic illnesses, several injection results in hair loss.

Androgenic Alopecia, here the hair on top of the scalp thins out making the hair less voluminous.

The reason of hair loss in women is as extensive as in men. But the degree of hair fall is less severe than men. Hair loss in women is not socially acceptable. It could leave women devastated, confused and helpless. But don't panic there are products in the market which control hair fall by 85 %. As the above discussion shows, there are many reasons of hair loss in women. It is important that the reason of losing hair is judged as quickly as possible. Without doing so, it will not be possible for you to stop the hair fall. The reasons are numerous. The imbalance of minerals in your body can be a simple reason that can create the entire problem for you.

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