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What causes hair loss in women? In the UK at least 8 million women have to deal with moderate to severe loss of hair. The more severe the case is can lead to psychological issues, lost of confidence and overall drop in self esteem. It's no wonder that women from all around the world are actively looking for a solution for their loss of hair.

Due to the changes within a woman's body, women can experience hair loss during this time. Whether it be during menopause, their menstrual cycle or even pregnancy, women will experience some kind of hair loss during these times. At least in most cases this loss of hair is temporary.

What leads to women losing their hair?

Telogen effluvium is one of the reasons women can experience loss of hair. This is a result of weight loss, recent surgery, or pregnancy. Another way this can lead to a woman losing her hair is as a result of stress. In most cases it is temporary and the effects should subside within a few months, at most six months.

Alopecia is also another issue that women face, and this results in patchy hair loss. It is not a pattern of loss of hair, but rather patches of hair that is missing from the scalp. This usually last around six months at most, and is temporary. During this time period most women will feel uneasy and their self esteem may drop as a result.

Women like to know that they have beautiful hair, as it's associated with the overall beauty of a woman, but these cases of hair loss is temporary, so by allowing the time to pass by knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel is a sure fire way to get through this trying time.

There are treatments available to reduce hair loss, choosing the right product is important as you should get the product that best suits your needs.

Treatments that women can use to prevent hair loss are:

Limiting the dying of their hair.
Ensuring they do not share their brush or comb with others.
Washing hair frequently.
Gentle massaging of the scalp.
Allowing their hair to dry naturally rather than usually artificial means.

Overall, if you are truly concerned with any loss of hair that you maybe experiencing that it's best you seek the advice of a doctor. They will be able to give an actual diagnosis of the issue you are experiencing and provide a variety of treatment options.

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What Causes Hair Loss In Women: Keeping Your Morale High

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women